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Accessories - Chin straps, ulcer care, IPA disinfection wipes, tube cosies

Parts - A few parts on your CPAP machine and mask are perishable and will require replacement periodically. These parts include air filters, foam inserts, silicon seals, headgear, tubing and humidifier chambers. Cleaning your machine and mask regularly will ensure that you get the maximum life expectancy from each part, for more information about life expectancy and how to care for your machine and mask properly please refer to your machine or mask manual or email us at

CPAP Accessories

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Easy Breather- Therapeutic Pillow CPAP
Sleep Apnea pllow
CPAP Inverter 12V/150W
DC to AC power inverter. 12V. Input 12 VDC Output 240VAC...
Memory Foam CPAP Pillow- Best in Rest
Sleep Apnea pillow
Snorer's Friend
When you wear the device your tongue is held forward, because...
CPAP Tubing heated 608
Heated coil tubing for use with the FPaykel HC600 series....
CPAP Chin Strap Seatec
This Chin Strap has an adjustable velcro tab located at...
ResMed Gecko Nasal Pad
Skin pressure protector device to help reduce skin breakdown...
CPAP Tubing 1.8 metres
1.8m length of standard diameter CPAP tubing.
Wipes IPA surface disinfect 160 pk
The large wipes enable a quick and efficient disinfection...
CPAP Nozoil Spray 15 ml
For the temporary relief of dry and crusting nasal tissue
CPAP Detergent Sonidet
Medical Equipment and instrument detergent.
Wipes Alcohol Medi-Swabs 200
200 single use cleansing swabs
Power cord/cable for CPAP figure 8
240v power cable with figure 8 end to suit Resmed, Respironics...
Power cord/cable for CPAP IEC plug
240v power cable to suit the older style Resmed S7 machines.
Wipes Neutral Detergent
An alcohol free, low foaming cleansing detergent wipe to...
CPAP Filters SureGard
Antibacterial filter to be fitted inline with the CPAP tubing.

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