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Compression Stockings in Newcastle

At Ansteys, we understand the importance of applying the correct level of compression for specific indications. This is why all in-store clients receive an individualised 20 minute consultation and fitting with one of our trained and experienced staff. All in-store customers receive full instructions on the proper care and management of their stockings. Therefore we cannot accept responsibility for new customers ordering online and receiving ill-fitting or incorrect stockings which cannot be returned due to health and hygiene reasons.

It is the buyers responsibility to ensure that they order the correct size.
Ansteys Healthcare strongly recommend that first time buyers or existing customers who haven't been measured for a period of 2 years or have gained or lost weight since their last fitting should come into the store to be measured by one of our staff to ensure they are receiving the correct stockings.

* Please note: If your legs swell during the day be sure that you come in to see us first thing in the morning to ensure correct sizing is achieved, taking the measurements once your legs have swollen will render the stockings useless. We are open from 8:30am Monday to Friday.

Once you have been measured and fit with us in-store you can then simply re-order your next pair online with us.

Some other helpful info about compression stockings -

TEDS are designed for use while immobile or in bed for long periods. Once patients become mobile and active, the level of compression becomes inadequate and a higher grade stocking is required (Class I or II).

Stockings need to be washed on a daily basis and hence patients will need a minimum of two pairs.

DVA patients are entitled to two new pairs of stockings every 6 months, subject to their ongoing medical needs (patients need to provide a D904 form which can be obtained from your doctor). 

Stockings will last 4-6 months, after which time they will not hold the same level of compression. It is recommended that patients refresh with a new pair of stockings after this period of time.

For those having difficulty putting on or taking off their stockings, there are a range of deviced avaiable that will assist with this task.

Arm-sleeves are also available for arm lymphoedema, particularly following breast surgery with lymph node removal.

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