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The Ansteys Healthcare store in Broadmeadow offers a much larger range of more specialised bracing which is not listed on the website due to the level of skill required to measure and fit these particular items, what we offer online is a smaller range of much simpler bracing that we feel confident a customer can make their own informed decision about sizing and fit before ordering. However, if you do require a more specialised brace please call us for more info on what we have available. Our specialised braces range in price from $200 to $2000

Due to health reasons all bracing cannot be returned so please ensure that you refer to the measurements provided on the website with each individual product and choose wisely, if unsure for assistance please email or call one of our friendly staff on 02 4040 6161.

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Knee Brace ROM X-ACT
lightweight brace, providing a precise fit after surgery.
Dictus Band
The Dictus Band is an orthosis to help people who suffer...
Dorsiwedge Night Splint
Soft padded splint providing passive dorsi-flexion to address...
Dictus Indoor  Black
An aid for indoor use. Has a rising action when you raise...
Back brace pregnancy Stork support
relieves the muscular pain and fatigue of pregnancy by correcting...
Back Brace OrthoDual Pro
Acute and chronic lower back pain, Lower back sprains and...
Knee brace Immobiliser Procare
post-operative knee support and immobilization.
Wrist/Thumb Spica No Thumb OAPL
Wrist brace suitable for soft tissue injuries, stable fractures,...
Knee Brace Support Contour Oppo  1132
Contour shape to snugly fit the knee joint to prevent slipping...
Thermal Wrap Strap Body Assist
Retains warmth for increased circulation
Thumb and Wrist Support Vulkan
Thumb and Wrist support for those suffering from Arthritis...
Knee Brace Patella Surround Strap
Helps relieve pain caused by Osgood schlatter, chrondronmalacia...
Wrist Wrap with thumb OPPO 2083
Provides comfortable compression and support
Wrist Support Elastic OAPL
Support useful in the treatment of sprains, strains and...
Dictus Hooks (pair)
Two spare metal replacement hooks for dictus band
Curved Finger Splint
Designed to support digits in a fixed position
Frog Finger Splint
Fold to secure without tape

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